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100% Cotton Water-Proof Baby Bibs



Finally, Waterproof Bibs that work! Our bibs have been designed with a waterproof layer locked in between two soft, absorbent cotton layers. The result – drool and spills don’t soak through to clothes.

We’ve also used a 3 snap position neckline so that the bibs cannot be easily pulled off by your child, keeping them in place for longer.

Including 10 Bibs in an eco-friendly gift box, our waterproof bibs make a great value Mom gift or Shower gift . Grab yours today while stocks last!


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100% Pure Cotton Waterproof Bibs NO Polyester Blends!

Our waterproof bibs have a special triple layer protection. The two outer surfaces are made from 100% pure cotton, not polyester blends like many other cheap bibs. This means that your bibs will not only last longer when washed, but will also feel softer on your baby’s skin.

Triple Layer Protection

Our premium waterproof bibs have three layers to protect your baby’s clothes from being stained. The two outer layers are 100% cotton, which absorbs more than regular polyester bibs, and the inner layer is water resistant, acting as a barrier to liquid spills.

Snap Fasteners NO Velcro

As a parent it can be very frustrating when your child pulls their bib off, which is easily done with velcro, however our bibs overcome this issue by having snap fasteners! Velcro is also very uncomfortable because it scratches sensitive skin. Our snaps also have three different sizes so you will get more use out of the bibs as your baby grows.

No More Ugly Stained Bibs

The dark colors hide stains, unlike light colored bibs which after use can look dirty and

unclean. Our premium cotton bibs are also reversible so both sides can be used.



✓Keep Clothes Dry: Unique triple layer protection ensures that our bibs with snaps are waterproof

✓Soft on Skin:100% Cotton outer layers is softer on your baby’s skin

✓Bib Stays On: Strong adjustable snaps are easy for you to use but difficult for baby to pull off

✓NO POLYESTER OR PVC: Cotton outer layers keeps nasty chemicals off of baby’s skin

✓Less Washing!: Reversible bibs can be reused and dark colors hide stains

✓Perfect BABY REGISTRY GIFTS: Comes beautifully packaged in an Eco-friendly box